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Arab Transit is one of the oldest shipping and logistics companies in Jordan. The Company has over 75 years of experience across a wide range of industries and a global network of contacts. Arab Transit offers a wide range of complementary shipping and logistics services, and provide innovative, client-centric solutions that have direct impact on their supply chains.

With our decades of professional experience and unwavering commitment to excellence, we are Your Trusted Logistics Partner in the region.

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Ensuring all sort of vessel types navigate and smooth dock in Aqaba, leveraging our expertise to provide vessels in Aqaba with a wide range of services.

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Efficient, reliable, and global.

Our Freight Forwarding service moves your cargo with precision, utilizing our extensive network and decades of experience.

Our Customs Clearance services across all customs points in Jordan ensures compliance and swift processing for import, export and transit cargo. 

Inland Transportation services in from/to Jordan and the region. We also offer special transport services to Iraq. We  guarantee timely and secure deliveries meeting customer specific requirements. 

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Outsource your logistics needs with confidence. Our 3PL services leverages our vast experience and innovative approach.


Handling projects of any scale. We ensure precision and efficiency, leveraging our expertise, innovation and global network of contacts.


We are committed to leveraging our

expertise to provide you with efficient,

innovative, customer-centric solutions.

Arab Transit is Your Trusted Logistics

Partner in the region.  

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Elevate your logistics strategy with our 4PL solution. We seamlessly integrate, manage, and optimize your entire supply chain, drawing on our heritage, experience, and global network.

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Unlock efficiency with our Logistics and Supply Chain Management Consultancy. Tailored insights, honed by our Jordan-based expertise and an expansive network, drive your operations forward.

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Revolutionize logistics through Technology Integration. Our solutions leverage cutting-edge tech to seamlessly integrate our systems with yours, optimizing the flow of information.

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We take pride in our rich heritage. Arab Transit was founded by the late Ma’moun Toukan along with a group of prominent businessmen, who led establishments across different industries in Jordan.

Internal archives and documents show Arab Transit held operations during the 1930s, handling cargo destined from/ to Transjordan via nearby ports like Beirut and Haifa. During that era Transjordan did not have a commercial port. Post the Jordanian independence of 1946, Arab Transit is official registered as a Jordanian limited liability Company on 18/10/1952 under the registration no. 68. 

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Arab Transit is committed to delivering efficiency and excellence in our services to minimize waste in time, money, and paper, thereby reducing our overall environmental impact. We recognize that promoting carbon emission reductions and sustainability in supply chains requires collaborative efforts across companies and governments. We are dedicated to continual learning about new technologies and initiatives, aiming to integrate more sustainable practices into our operations, leading the way toward a greener future. Additionally, we share our expertise with partner companies, assisting them in adopting sustainable supply chain strategies. From eco-friendly technologies to streamlined processes, we believe in making a positive impact through knowledge sharing, education, technology implementation, and environmental consideration. Join us on this journey towards sustainability, where each step forward contributes to a more environmentally responsible and resilient logistics industry.


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Head Office

Arab Transit Goods Transport & Clearing Co.
Arar Mustafa Wahbi Al Tal St 106, City Plaza,
3rd Floor 
Amman, Jordan

Tel: +962-6-4617590

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