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Delivering Excellence Across Industries

Arab Transit's wealth of experience and customized solutions spans across a wide range of industries. Our global network spanning over 80 countries and experienced team ensures precision, reliability and tailored excellence for every sector. Whether it's the transportation of perishables, hazardous materials, or high-value goods, our industry-specific logistics solutions guarantee efficient and secure deliveries, shaping a seamless path for your cargo from origin to destination. Industries include the following:


Our expertise extends to the delicate handling of agricultural commodities, encompassing livestock, grains like wheat, corn, barely and soybean meal, as well as other commodities and raw materials. We provide comprehensive guidance on the most suitable transport methods, appropriate containers, and essential inspections and surveys. Additionally, we offer on-site fumigation services when needed.

For bulk vessel commodities, we leverage technology to provide real-time updates and communications on all operational matters, ensuring that all stakeholders are consistently informed. We also understand the importance of timely delivery and accurate reporting. Our vessel operations teams are available 24/7.

Get in contact to learn more about our Integrated Shipping Services where we provide complete solution for bulk grains importers, which includes shipping agency, customs clearance, transportation and access to real-time visibility.

Food & Beverage

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We understand the requirements needed to delicately handle perishable and temperature-controlled items. Our tailored solutions ensure the efficient and secure transportation of perishable goods, ingredients and finished products. Arab Transit’s expertise helps customers better understand the regulations to ensure timely delivery and help keep their supply chains flowing.

We service the industry in all modes of transport and all sizes of packing and requirements.

Our services also includes providing warehouse solutions for perishable and non-perishable goods as well temperature controlled solutions. In addition to delivery of foodstuff cross-borders to Iraq and other neighboring countries. 


In manufacturing the flow of raw materials and cargo need to be in sync to keep supply chains moving efficiently, Arab Transit understands those requirements. We are a part of your team and cater accordingly to your business’s needs. Arab Transit ensures timely delivery and accurate reporting, so business supply chains keep flowing efficiently.

Within the manufacturing space Arab transit handles the movement of raw materials, finished products, manufacturing equipment and any goods that are needed to be transported locally or internationally. Using Arqflow’s technology we become part of your supply chain tech stack, keeping all concerned clients and partners fully updated on the whereabouts of shipments.


Arab Transit handles tanker vessels calling Aqaba for the largest importers of gasoil and gasoline in Jordan as well as represents some of the global traders and tanker owners in delivery of fuels, gasoline, and gasoil.

We understand the delicate precision and timely reporting and documentation to ensure smooth and efficient operations. Part of our scope also includes the handling and delivery of dyes and chemicals that are needed to be on board the tankers and shore tanks during the discharge and loading operations.

In addition, we provide delivery of critical materials and parts as well as generators and sub-stations destined to both Jordan and Iraq, and they also require extreme care and timeliness.


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Arab Transit caters for the delicate and stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, from small, specialized medication that require quick delivery by air to temperature-controlled reefer containers to medical equipment and packaging. In addition, we move pharmaceuticals that arrive in containers via Jordan to Iraq, where we pride ourselves in providing quick, secure and efficient logistics and delivery.  

We support our clients better understand the FDA and local inspection authorities requirements, as well as provide a comprehensive solution that includes customs clearance, freight booking, transportation, warehousing and any other logistics services required to support our clients supply chain.  

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Supply chains are no longer seen as cost centers, but also as revenue generators. Arab Transit understands the need for the Retail industry to move products fast and efficiently. Partnering with the right Logistics Service Provider is key. We are a part of your successful team, supporting your supply chain flow smoothly and efficiently. Our services and solutions include customs clearance, freight forwarding, transportation, warehousing, other logistics activities and consulting services to help you adopt best sourcing techniques and standard operating procedures. In addition, using technology we provide visibility into the whereabouts and updates on the delivery of your products.  


Head Office


Arab Transit Goods Transport & Clearing Co.
Arar Mustafa Wahbi Al Tal St 106, City Plaza,
3rd Floor 
Amman, Jordan

Tel: +962-6-4617590

Interested to join our team of experts? Please send your CV with a cover letter to our email. We might not have any open positions at the moment, but a member of the team will be in touch in case of availability.  

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